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Hi AG, Yes, this One-Piece H-D Detachables Sissy Bar Upright will fit your FLSTN. If you click on the Softail Docking Hardware Matrix Chart link, under the "More Info" tab, you will find that the only other hardware necessary for the installation of this sissy bar .

He is seen in the ocean on his coated ship, following the real Straw Hats, commenting that they had better let him join this time. Once Caribou reached the port, he saw that his crew, who had apparently escaped the G-5 base, arrived on a G-5 ship. These rules are aimed at restoring balance to the new mother's body after childbirth.

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Pajamas (US) or pyjamas (/ p ə ˈ dʒ ɑː m ə z, p ɪ-, -ˈ dʒ æ-/), often shortened to PJs or jammies, can refer to several related types of clothing originating from the Indian piserialajax.cf the Western world, pajamas are loose-fitting garments derived from the original garment and worn chiefly for sleeping, but sometimes also for lounging, also by both sexes.

Although pajamas are usually distinguished from non- bifurcated sleeping garments such as nightgowns , in the US, they have sometimes included the latter as a top. Babydoll pyjamas have a kind of short dress top over shorts or short pants.

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However, Caribou is revealed to have some common sense when dealing with them. When he found himself alone in the presence of the entire Straw Hat crew, his own crew having been unable to board their ship with him, he immediately understood that he could not win. Instead, he begged for mercy and pretended to be cannon fodder as a ploy to get them to let their guard down; ironically, his overconfidence of his escape from the ropes that bound him led him to drop his own guard, which led Franky to seal him into a barrel.

However, he has the patience and the intelligence to remain silent long enough for some unwitting mermaids to unseal the barrel.

Notably, when encountering the Kraken, he expresses fear of death. He seems to be somewhat perceptive as he was the only one who noticed the Kraken beneath them, though he may have been aware of its presence there beforehand.

He also showed some concern when his crew suffered a shipwreck from the Kraken, and was angered when Zoro insulted them by calling them jellyfish. However, this concern was only displayed when they were about to save him. Caribou did not hesitate to abandon his own brother and crew after they saved him from Yarisugi and his men and showed no remorse in leaving them behind.

He is also a hypocrite and a liar, as he buried the fake Straw Hats alive and murdered many Marines, but when captured by Franky, he cried out that human lives are not to be wasted so quickly, molding his beliefs and words to whatever will best benefit only himself. When confined into a barrel, he went as far as to beg to become Franky's slave in exchange for his release.

Despite his cruelty, insanity, and cowardice, he appears to have a something of a soft spot for the elderly, possibly stemming from a childhood of being raised by his grandmother. After he was saved and nursed back to health by an old woman, his first instinct was to steal her valuables and leave.

But when her life was endangered by a housefire, he returned out of genuine concern for her well-being and saved her. Moreover, when she allowed herself to be captured by Scotch in order for him to escape, Caribou returned with his crew, saved her life, and defeated Scotch, placing the island under the control of the island's rebels.

Like many other characters, he has a distinct laughter style , starting with "Kehihihi". The Caribou Pirates are very loyal to Caribou. Coribou is too afraid to look at his brother. He was facing the wrong way when answering his brother about smearing the plaza with a Marine's blood. He is also rather obedient to Caribou's requests, as he immediately started digging a grave to bury the Marine alive upon his brother's orders without question and showing no signs of compassion or mercy. He is also always very nervous, and is constantly stuttering and sweating, which could suggest he is afraid of his brother.

In spite of this, he is nevertheless very loyal to Caribou, proven when he and the rest of their crew made the journey to a Marine base in order to rescue him. Even after Caribou abandoned him at the said Marine base, Coribou still remained loyal to his brother. When Caribou hopped on board of the Sunny, Mohmoo, the one carrying the Caribou Pirates' ship, fled in terror at the sight of his old enemies: Nami, Luffy, and Sanji.

This separated the Caribou Pirates from their captain. Shortly after this, the rest of the Caribou Pirates forced Mohmoo to bring them back to rescue Caribou. Unfortunately for his followers, Caribou only appears to value himself. After being freed by his crew, Caribou abandons them at the hands of the G-5 marines and flees to save himself all while showing no regret for leaving them behind, Coribou included.

When Coribou reunites again with Caribou, he easily forgives him, despite the latter having left him at the mercy of the G-5 Marines. This is due to the fact that their Grandmother told them to get along no matter what and it is implied by the bandages on their heads that she punished them to do so.

Caribou is famous for killing marines. When the Marine attempted to draw his gun, Caribou injured him with his weapon and then begged God to forgive the man for trying to kill him. He then ordered Coribou to bury the Marine alive as punishment. The crew followed Jinbe and Caribou to the G-5 Marine base. Before Commodore Yarisugi starts torturing Caribou, Coribou and the Caribou pirates come to save him.

The pirates engage in battle with the G-5 Marines. Caribou, in thinking that he joined in the real Straw Hat crew, planned to kill them from the beginning. The Caribou Pirates attacked the Straw Hats in the depths of the sea only to lose his ship and crew, allowing them to easily capture him.

Caribou showed great fear of the crew's strength after he witnessed the monster trio defeat the Kraken, leading him to resort to hiding to figure out his next move. After the Sunny charged into Fishman Island to escape the New Fishman Pirates, Caribou's barrel somehow made its way to the Mermaid Cove where he began kidnapping mermaids, framing the crew for his actions.

Later on, in his kidnapping attempt on Shirahoshi , he was found by Luffy , Zoro and Sanji before being quickly defeated. He later came across the Ryugu Kingdom's treasures and released all of the captive mermaids to take it. However, the Straw Hats were also searching for the treasure, eventually finding and defeating Caribou for it.

Instead, Caribou planned to kill them from the inside. After discovering that the crew they joined were fakes, the Caribou Pirates buried the impostors without Black, Cocoa, and fake Chopper, all of whom were captured alive and then set sail, using their coated ship to follow behind the Thousand Sunny and the real Straw Hat Pirates. When Caribou escaped from his barrel, he kidnapped the mermaids.

Figuring that he is in a treasure cove, Caribou thought that by capturing the mermaids, he could sell them for a good profit. However, he eventually changed his operation, releasing the mermaids into Ryugu Palace, but he stole all the treasure within instead. Caribou eventually received word that his crew survived and made it to port, as well as overhearing about the Ancient Weapon Poseidon being Shirahoshi.

He attempted to kidnap her and meet up with his crew in the New World, but Luffy kicked him out. When Caribou woke up, he attempted again to kidnap mermaids but was defeated and captured by Jinbe.

He is later taken by X Drake as a prisoner. Caribou bears a striking resemblance to the deceased Gaburu , whose grandmother loved very much. Due to this, she initially appears to mistake the pirate for her grandson, and doted on him when she found him exhausted on the island's shore, and even defended him from attackers. At first, Caribou was true to his nature, taking advantage of the situation and robbed the old lady of her jewelry. However, he later grew fond of her and returned to rescue her from a fire in the house, showing genuine concern.

When Scotch attacked, Caribou initially ran away, leaving the old woman to fend off Scotch. However, after Caribou reunited with his crew, he returned to save the old woman when Scotch was about to make an example of her. After X Drake arrived, Caribou stood between him and the old woman. Eventually, when Caribou left, the old lady thanked him for his kindness while praying to Gaburu's grave, revealing that she knew all along that he was not Gaburu. Caribou is a pirate captain reputed as a fearsome killer of Marines, who has managed to reach Sabaody Archipelago, sailing through the first half of the Grand Line.

Though he lacks knowledge of Haki and lacked knowledge period that anything could counter his Logia defense he has shown some degree of knowledge in other topics such as the sea creatures like the Kraken and Sea Cows, coating bubbles and the slave trade. He has also shown some degree of forethought as well, noticing when the Strawhats were going to engage in the Kraken he quickly deduced a way that would put him in the least amount of danger by informing them of a way to fight in water, and purposely hid his Logia intangibility when out numbered and escaped when he saw the situation arise.

In his first appearance, he was able to detect the presence of a Marine hiding nearby who was spying on the recruits and reporting their presence to his superiors, and even noticed the Kraken before any of the Strawhats could despite their members consisting of Haki users.

However, contrary to this, he later failed to notice Franky was right next to his hiding spot, looking at him; and a mermaid could walk up right behind him without him noticing. While the Fake Straw Hats saw Caribou to be a valuable asset and a terrible force to get on the wrong side of due to his fearsome reputation and abilities, none of the real Straw Hat Pirates even see him as a threat, but instead as nothing more than an annoyance.

Franky stated that the reason why Caribou is no threat is due to him being an idiot but also acknowledges that he may have been a threat if he had not been apprehended quickly. Indeed, despite his Logia-class abilities, Luffy easily sent him flying out of Ryugu Palace and knocked him unconscious with one punch, showing that Caribou has low endurance, compared to Luffy's strength. Caribou ate the Numa Numa no Mi , a Logia -class [5] Devil Fruit which allows him to change his body into, and control, a swamp; he can create swamps of various size, either in his hand, such as the hand sized one he used to drown Drip , or a larger one as he did to capture a trio of mermaids.

He can also use this ability to absorb most forms of attack using the swamp mass. It seems that people who step on his swamp mass can sink in it, even if its outer appearance looks shallow, similar to Blackbeard's Yami Yami no Mi. Caribou claimed that the swamps he could produce were bottomless, thus giving him the power to store virtually everything inside his body.

He uses this ability to store kidnapped mermaids and weapons. When released the mermaids were said to be a bit groggy. His devil fruit gives him impressive stealth attributes allowing him to sneak away or approach unnoticed and eavesdrop on conversations by staying as his mobile swamp form and sticking to obscure or hard to see places so that he can listen onto conversations.

This ability also aided in his kidnapping spree either by laying a trap on the ground to swallow the mermaids or simply absorbing them directly into his body upon meeting them should he not have the element of surprise on his side.

The real Sanji was able to kick him despite his Logia intangibility, but it was shown later on that he was deliberately hiding his power so the crew would drop their guard, as he did not believe he could take them all alone.

In Chinese, this is literally called "sitting the month," as new mothers are pretty much expected to just sit around in pajamas for a month to recover from childbirth. But there are a lot of rules, and Wu Lili is struggling with them — even though she's on her very last day. She's not allowed to eat raw fruit or vegetables, or drink coffee, cold drinks or even cold water, which can only be drunk tepid or hot.

These rules are aimed at restoring balance to the new mother's body after childbirth. But Wu has had enough. The second thing is that the food is so bland. But you really have to persist, and it's very difficult. Her feet, she says, are boiling, as she plods around in thick woolen socks and padded slippers. But she must guard against getting a chill; Chinese doctors warn that could lead to joint problems or illness later on. It was even mentioned in the 2,year-old Book of Changes, or I-ching, according to Zhao Zixiang, Wu's doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

A nurse tends to baby Momo at the Weige Center in Beijing. The center provides luxury accommodation and hour nursing staff to new mothers who participate in the Chinese tradition of "sitting the month," where they don't go outside or bathe for 30 days.

If they're out of balance, it's easy to get sick. When little Momo wails, a nurse swoops in to take control, wheeling the baby off to another room. Wu is "sitting the month" as only China's newly rich can. That buys peace of mind: We don't want him being held too much as he might become too dependent.

I pretty much only hold him when I nurse him. And the rules governing diet are stricter still. At this postpartum center, six meals a day are prepared off-site, including a host of special soups, designed to increase the new mothers' milk supply.

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