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That’s what motivated the Body Glove ® team to design a comfortable toeless ankle-high copper fit sock with the perfect amount of compression that promotes muscle and joint function during a .
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When I bike to work I wear my 3Ts on bare feet. When I get to work I don my socks. Socks are compact and light. So far the one disadvantage to these shoes is that the drainage holes mean your foot gets wet if you step in a puddle. Then again, your foot gets dry quick thanks to the holes also, so it's more of a "surprise! I've heard from some reviews that the metal mesh doesn't last long.

Mine are already starting to go, so I believe it. I hope the shoe will still work well without the mesh bits. You're skinfold caliper is probably right. I've been wearing zero drop or zero period shoes nothing other for almost three years so imagine my sensitivity to anything different at this point. I tried a pair of these on last weekend and could instantly tell there was an ever so slight heel to toe drop I've been wearing this model of shoe for over a year and a half.

And I'm on my second pair. Since I'm notably rough on shoes and rarely find a pair that last more that three months I can attest to their quality. I've used them as running hiking, biking, water, and casual shoes. They have delivered most people have mentioned the holes negatively.

But that was only a problem for the first six months or so. I also made the mistake of getting shoes to big for me when I got my first pair. My current pair has been worlds better. The only times I don't wear them is formal events and when I need something sturdy like work boots. I'm an avid water sports guy, and having a water shoe that is flat but also allows good water circulation was key. Walking around in the water with the VFF was fine and worked well.

However, when it came to swimming with them on they would always fill up with water. This would cause either my pinky toe or both my pinky and 4th toe to slid out of the toe slot which is very uncomfortable and frustrating. This shoe has worked surprisingly well while swimming. I really like the three toe concept and almost prefer it over the VFF.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good water shoe. My only complaint is that where I live walking in the river near the bank is quite muddy. Leaving a gritty feeling in the shoe that could cause the shoe to be somewhat abrasive rubbing your foot raw. Maybe both fila and body glove considered the motor innervation of the toes nerves attached to the muscles and the muscles moving the toes when they made their versions of barefoot shoes.

Try fl3xing and extending your toes and try to feel or palpate the tendons to appreciate what Im talking about. But the problem with fila is that it is not as flexible as the vff or bglove.

The next evolutionary step I have been waiting for is that the soles be made conductive to facilitate grounding my body to the earth. Google earthing to learn more about the benefits of this activity. Suffice to say it is why a walk in wet grass or along a beach is so good. II run at low tine on a sandy beach. I avoid getting wet I'm my VFF as the water sloshes and he shoes get funky fast. The holes in the sole will allow the connection to the salt water. A bit concerned about the sand.

Anyone have experience with this I noted the river mud comment above. The ultimate would be for Vibram to incorporate the well established technology used for ESD Electro Static Discharge Control in the electronics world, into their rubber.

I am very disenchanted that Adidas appears to have discontinued their barefoot shoes aka. I like a little surface between my feet and for all my toes to be separated. I hope I can still find some adipure barefoot shoes in circulation. By the way, Adidas adipure barefoot 1. Perhaps Adidas might sell their patent give some else the adipure design if Adidas does not want to bother.

Hi Justin, Coming a bit late to the discussion but, just a quick ask to see how well these 3T Barefoots "compress down"? I want them to put in a bike jersey pocket s , to take on a tour and to be able to quickly switch to them from bike shoes. I strongly suspect that Adidas dropped the shoe line because they got sued like Vibram did. Biggest bitch I have about Vibram's suit and I can't say I blame them But the moment you get a refusal like that you have to ask yourself if it's worth all the appeals or to just settle at that point.

Comment feed for this post. This site is not owned, operated, or otherwise affiliated with Vibram or Vibram FiveFingers. The site is intended for entertainment purposes only. Per FTC regulation, it should be assumed that products reviewed on BirthdayShoes were provided to the blogger s for free or at discounted cost. That said, if it's not immediately obvious, this site is a fan site for minimalist footwear such as Vibram Five Fingers , which is to say that there is a stated bias in favor of these products.

Despite our stated bias, between the hundreds of user-submitted stories , the thousands of forum posts both positive and negative, warts and all!

In the end, though we strive to be a helpful resource and believe in integrity and honesty, we expect you to do your part — reading the research and making educated decisions Read: We have also passed on reviewing products not VFFs per se that were provided to us for free but did not "cut the mustard.

The outsole of the BodyGlove 3T Barefoot is very flexible in all directions. About the Author — I founded BirthdayShoes. I'm a Googler by day and minimalist footwear aficionado by night; you can find me 'round Atlanta. If you want to catch up with what I'm doing outside of the site here, follow me on twitter bdayshoes or justinno or check out my personal site JustinOwings. Minus the whole grass poking you though the holes this shoe looks pretty great.

A little shoe goo in the drainage holes should fix the issue about it poking you in the feet. No, the grass poking through is actually a good thing and this actually surprised the hell outta me Better ground feel than a kso, pretty flexible, a tad warmer These look pretty sweet. I just may have to pick up a pair. Thanks for the review.

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