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The payroll is completely transparent. It consist space for all small details like normal pay and overtime pay with weekly overtime threshold. But now, the week is over.

Time Sheet Calculator Calculate Hours allows you to enter times worked, like: , 11, , 3, 4, and it will add up the time worked into a meaningful hour:minute format. You can then Sum Hours like: , , for a total. See the tips below for more information.
My Timesheet Page 2 of 3. The Copy from Target Hours button will automatically populate your normal working schedule. After you save the timesheet, you will see the messages shown below. Remember to save the timesheet before clicking on the Close.
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Free timesheet templates can be customized to create work timesheets and timecards for employee's, hours, overtime, and breaks.
Employee Timesheet. Use the Employee Timesheet page to do the following, depending on which timesheet you open: Enter the hours you worked for the current pay period. Review timesheet information from previous pay periods. Current pay period.
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Timesheet management is an important part of corporate life. Previously, manual timesheets used to be collected, reported and stored. Then excel timesheets came in and employees used to send timesheets through email to the managers.

This simple timesheet template is still easy to use, but it also helps track the performance of different employees on the same sheet — all without you having to create an Excel timesheet formula or design something for your employees. Need a quick, simple solution for reporting your employee expenses?

Export time, budget, and employee cost data from ClickTime to Excel! We make it easy to understand and manage employee hours, schedules, and more! If you prefer analyzing data in Excel, but find it tedious to use for time tracking, ClickTime was made for you. ClickTime's Excel linking feature allows you to securely sync your Excel spreadsheet with up-to-the-minute timesheet data.

You can create a customized report once, save it, and have ClickTime continuously and automatically update the data for you. Getting the data you need, in the format you want, is effortless with ClickTime! ClickTime provides numerous resources to help our customers adopt timesheet best practices and boost the precision and efficiency of their timekeeping. Timesheets span a diverse range of technologies — from paper to software to mobile apps to biometrics that are built to record worked time on a phone, tablet, or other device.

Data is typically stored in the cloud or on a local server, and are synced with any budget, expense, employee pay rate, or other entries made by those tracking work against a common project, task, or goal. Yes, there are significant differences between the Excel timesheets and other methods of tracking time.

The principle difference is that Excel timesheets are limited in scope and often need to be manually updated to accurately track and report on worked time.

Online timesheets are often built to work directly in a browser i. Using a simple timesheet template, enter the employee hours in the "hours" field. In the bottom-right corner of the page, the hours will automatically be calculated.

This may include employee pay as well as overtime compensation, depending on the template used. Looking to staff smarter? Our Free Resource Planning Template helps you manage employee hours, understand employee capacity, and stay on budget! Download your free Excel Resource Planning Spreadsheet today!

Estimate costs and plan finances with our free Business Budget Template for Excel. Save money and time for your business with our easy-to-use template! Download your free Business Budget Template today! Looking to track your company's time in Excel? Download one of ClickTime's free timesheet templates and start tracking time accurately today! ClickTime's time and expense tracking solutions have helped thousands of companies become more efficient.

Read testimonials from some of our featured customers. Time Tracking by Industry. Blog Company Support Careers. Free Time Card Template. Free Excel Download Bi-weekly Timesheet Template This useful bi-weekly timesheet template allows employees to divide each day down into specific tasks. It requires you to manually allocate the Regular and Overtime hours, but for some people, that flexibility is preferrable.

Employee Time Sheet with Breaks. If so, the following two versions have been updated and renamed. Check them out on the new Time Card Calculator page.

I don't provide support for customization or general questions about how to use Excel. However, I do have an interest in providing useful time sheet templates. So, if you have ideas or questions about how to use the timesheets, feel free to contact me. Depending on how your employer wants to receive your timesheet, you might do one of the following:. This timesheet template is pretty simple and it should be fairly intuitive.

Hopefully, you'll go ahead and download it, figure out how it works, and customize it to suit the needs of your company. If you are an employer with many employees and this template doesn't meet your needs, you may want to consider looking into some kind of web-based time management system, or electronic punch card system.

Some of the time sheets contain formulas for calculating overtime based on a couple of basic optional rules:. The screenshot below shows how easy it is to select the overtime options. You can enable just one of the options, or both, or none. Overtime regulations vary from state to state and may contain many exceptions, so it may be necessary to enter overtime manually instead of using the formulas.

If you have questions about the overtime requirements in your state, visit the U.

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